Montag, 12. März 2018

March Madness

After stitching little more than bottles in February, I now have a million plans for March, and so far it is going quite well. If I can get done only half of what I'm oping for, I shall be content. For now, I have two things I want to show you - there are two or three more, but those fit in with GIfted Gorgeousness, which is only a few days away now.

As I said, my main focus this month is to catch up - if not fully, then at least a bit - on Snow White, which was stuck at Dec 24th (of my 'one length of thread a day' regimen).  I've been working on her for a little over a week now, catching up about three weeks worth of stitching in the process. I finished the sleeve-thingy on the left, and also the next shade of yellow in her skirt. Next I will work on her bodice for a bit, before starting onto the next layer of yellow.

I also took a day or two to finally finish my Arke shawl: I only had the last part/pattern of six left to do, and since my yarn was running low, I only did one repeat (of six) before starting on the border. I finished with less than 1g of yarn left. Phew!

Samstag, 3. März 2018

February WIPocalypse

And just like that, February is gone as well...we've certainly had a busy month! Grandma was back in the hospital as an emergency Thursday last week, but thankfully everything went well, and we took her home again this Friday. Now she's even bit better than she was before she went in, and hopefully things will start looking better from now on...

Gadgets!  Show us your favorite stitching gadgets! Actually, I don't use any fance gadgets...I think. I have a weird thing about frames/snaps/hoops, though. I use all different kinds, but only ever one for a project - once I have settled on one, I will stick to it, and I'm really not sure what makes me chose one over the other for a project :D Sometimes I will even stitch in hand, although it certainly is not my favourite way to work.

As for my 18 in '18 list - I have only worked on five on them this month, and since I have six that require monthly/daily progress, that means I've fallen further behind on the one I did not work on. Of the five I did work on, I fell further behind on one as well, did okay on three, and really really good on one. So here we go:

1) Fire and Ember SAL
I finished my monthly page just in time - page 18 was another detailed one, but so worth it. I think next month I will almost finish the Dragon's head, and after that things should move a little quicker again.

2) The Puppeteer
I continues to stitch one length of black every day, finishing page 13 and getting about halfway through the almost-solid-black page 14. Just a few days left for a row finish! Don't his horns look awesome, even in the negative?

3) Snow White
Sadly, I didn't work on her at all, so I only mention her to say that I am now about 9 weeks behind my plan...and that getting her back up to date (or at least closer to it) will be one of my main foci in March!

4) 99
This is were I did really good, and also were part two of the question of the month comes in: How did you do with Olympic Stitching, and what goals did you achieve? My goal was to stitch on this every day, and I did even better, working on this piece for every day since the last WIPocalypse checkin. Each day I either stitched one bottle or a section of the shelf, for a total of 48 for bottles on February 28th - that's a plus of 26 bottles since my last checkin, finishing a page on the way! I'll work on this a bit more to finish the last three bottles on the current page (which will also get my past the halfway point), then I'll put it away for just a bit, aiming for the next page finish in April.

16) Ornaments of the Month

 I stitched the back for the February Amathyst ornament, but have yet to finish-finish it.

17) Disney Princess Fobs
 I started the Pocahontas fob/biscornu for February, but didn't get very far. I hope to finish it up in March, as well as the new one. On a very happy side note, this is the first and so far only project I started this year and did not finish yet!

So that's it for now. February was very stressful at times, but I also managed to carve out quite a bit of stitching time. March will be more busy in other parts of my live (work and a mini vacation), but I hope to be less stressed and still make some nice progress on a few projects...we will see!

Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2018

Zodiac SAL - Aquarius

As has become the way of things, again I'm sneaking in for my Zodiac SAL check in on the very last day of the month.

First, here is my birthstone ornament for the month: As usual, the front was already stitched and I just added the back, a very simple on in this case. In fact I still need to finish-finish this one, which I will probably do together with the March ornament once that is ready.

This month's sign was Aquarius, and the corresponding Disney princess - according to my friend who knows about these things, since she has no 'official' birthday as far as I know - is Pocahontas. Now when I look at the character desciption Jo gave for Aquarius people - free spirits; running of to the other end of the world, then feeling lonely and disconnected; colourful characters and countercultural personalities as friends - that is quite a good fit actually!

I started working on her ornament, which is actually more of a pincushion/biscornu as it is quite big. I didn't get very far, but once I finish the creme lines It's just filling in and should go rather quickly.

Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

February IHSW

I actually managed to hermit and stitch on the proper IHSW weekend for the second time in a row! Felix has a persisting cold and was home from work all week, and I wasn't feeling all to well either, so we had a very lazy weekend, bingewatching Grey's Anatomy and stitching. I wanted to focus on the February Page of Fire and Ember and get as much as possible done on that, and I think I was quite successful. I started here:

and ended up here, having completely stitched four colours:

I'm continuing to work on this and hope to finish before the next weekend!

Samstag, 17. Februar 2018

February Gifted Gorgeousness

Almost on time this month - it's time for my favourite SAL :) During the last month I worked on only two of my gift projects, but I did work quite a bit on both of them. Mostly I focused on 99 - since January 29th (I think) I stitched on bottle a day, and that has gotten me to another pagefinish, and a bit into the next page as well:

I also knitted a bit and completed a total of six repeats on the cabled headband. I think I'm about halfway there now!

Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018

Secret Stitching Sweethearts Blog Hop

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We're not really celebrating I think (Felix isn't particularly fond of this 'holiday'....and since he's also home sick he has a good excuse this year), but of course I get to celebrate online with Jo and her wonderful Secret Stitching Sweethearts Blog Hop.
So somewhere out there, there is a love-themed stitching of mine floating around, that I will set out to look for, and here is what cupid has brought me:

Such a cute heart, I love the colours and the finish is perfect! I wonder who my secret stitching sweetheart is this year?

Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2018

WIP Wednesday

I don't usually post for this, but since there was no finish to show or other reason to post lately, I'm taking the opportunity to show you what I've been working on. In my WIPocalypse post, I told you I'd try to stitch one bottle on 99 each day for the Stitching Olympics Challenge - actually, I started working on this right the next day. Everyday I have stitched either a bottle or a segment of the shelf they stand on, so I managed a total of 8 new bottles since my last post.

This is actually very much doable and I feel a lot more confident about finishing by August, but on some day, I don't get any other stitching done, so things have slowed down. But I think I'm getting better at it, and will have some other finishes to show again soon ^_^

By the way, only six more bottles until the top of the design and a page finish!